401k Contributions Vesting Calculator

Current total value of the account:
EMPLOYEE contributions to the 401k directly from Employee's payroll:
Amount rolled into the 401k by EMPLOYEE from other accounts (i.e. previous job):
Amount EMPLOYEE extracted from 401k for loans, hardships, compliance corrections, etc.:
EMPLOYEE 401k loan repayment:
EMPLOYER contributions to Employee's account that must be 100% fully vested immediately by regulation (QNECs, etc.):
EMPLOYER contributions not 100% fully vested, matching:
Number of years EMPLOYEE has worked for EMPLOYER (including current year if EMPLOYEE has worked at least 1000 hours):
Vesting Schedule (B-F), matching:
Vesting Schedule (B-F), profit-sharing:

Vesting Calculator Instructions: Input information to estimate the dollar amount of employer matching contributions and/or employer profit sharing contributions a plan participant is entitled to receive as of today's date. Please keep in mind this vesting calculator provides estimates ONLY, and should not be used by plan sponsors in calculating precise vested earnings.